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I'm a dreamer, who wants to make a difference in this world. Pushing boundaries is what I do and love. What can be done differently, what works better, which will help make it clear? These are questions I ask myself, when I see something new!


During my internship at Edhv in Eindhoven I worked together with Max Slavenburg on a project for the Dutch Invertuals. They needed something for the Dutch Design Week which included motion, technology and nature. We made a mobile ceramic tile factory, which made it's tiles based on gravity, material and motion. For more information you can visit the website of Edhv.

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During Lifestyle I was part of a team which was instructed to improve one of the following things on "Stratumseind". Security, Quality of life, Attraction. After alot of research and brainstorming, we came up with the idea of making an interactive couch, which could neutralize the smells in the street (which are horrible after a nights out). We made an actual working prototype for the council of Eindhoven. They gave very positive feedback.

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During Lifestyle I was part of a team which was instructed to improve one of the following things on "Stratumseind". Security, Quality of life, Attraction. After alot of research and brainsstorming, we came up with the idea of making an interactive bank, which could neutralize the smells in the street (which are horrible after a nights out). We made an actual working prototype for the counsil of Eindhoven. They gave very positive feedback.

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  • Arduino test
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For the class Audio Visual Prototyping we got the task to make a mobile app which controlled a microwave with no buttons or text at all. This machine had to be fully operated by the app. The biggest challenge was that the app had to be made with as little text or numbers as possible. I took that quite literal and started working on a way to naturally show time and be able to set it.

During my User & Usability class I learned that you had to try and connect with the natural feelings. So that the user would know feel and do it automaticly. That's why I tried to keep it as simple as possible. For the class I also had to make a blog about how this prototype was made and why I choose certain things. If you want to know more about it or try the prototype you can visit my blog.

Overview Combi

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The Flora app/machine was made during the first semester of Lifestyle. During this period we got all the freedom we wanted and were asked to make something to improve the Quantified self.

We developed an app that gives feedback on how users rate the health of a photo from a plant which is watered by the happiness of the user. So each user has a plant which is linked with him/her but it's not known which one. During the day, the user is observed by an algorithm. If the user is happy, the plant will get water. So the plant will look healthy, and the user will get positive feedback in the app from the users. If the user is not happy (but might not know it) the feedback will be different because the plant won't get good care from the machine. So the users will rate the plant differently in the app. This user will get feedback that it might want to change something to make them happy again.

In the video is our end presentation of our prototype/proof of concept. Here you can also see it in action, which is pretty cool!!

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  • Flora
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These are some short movies of our Paaspop experience. When I was a Delta at school we had a project for Paaspop. A few members were allowed to create content for the Apollo stage at Paaspop. The Apollo is the Mainstage for Paaspop, with almost 12.000 visitors. We were tasked to create and realize unique visually attractive content which was used in the breaks between performances.

During the festival I mounted several GoPro cameras on the instruments of Peterpan Speedrock. This allowed me to make exclusive footage which could be showed later during the breaks.

Before the festival started we also made content which could be showed. This is a little preview of how I made the content. Here you see an exclusive setup which I made to make some sort of bullit time experience.

I also include an aftermovie which was made by a different member of our team.

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Websites I made during my education

First website I made during my education was to promote the course of ICT & Media Design for new students. We could choose our own audience we wanted to attract. I made a website for youngsters who had trouble and are easely distracted. So the website is clean, easy and direct which helps to get the target to the right spot.

Madqee was made as a group during the first half year of our education. It was made with the corporate identity of the Security Company "Madqee" which we fictively started.

Trusted Choice was a group website I made during my first half year. We just learned jQuery and had to implement it in a website which helped in the health department. We choose to make a site which helpen you make an easier and healthier choice of food in the cafetaria during work or school. On this website you can check which food you would like depending on certain questions you have to answer. We made an yes or no system which calculated which foods were ok to eat depending on the outcome of the questions.

Regelroos is the first website I made for an actual client. Roos needed a website because she started with a new job. Her work is helping guide people with problems organizing their life. We made this website together (she told me what she needed, what she wanted). By research of competition we set up the guidelines for the website. By working together we made a product which does what she needs.

During a school project this is the first website we made for a client as a group. We were asked to make a website for a musician which also really branded him. While first starting with research and making individual sketches we finally came to a result which really grasped the essence of Ernest van Aaken and his brand.

This was my first PHP website I made. During another class we had to make pictures, which we made a portfolio for with php. It also needed to have a database with users and pictures. During this time I really noticed I had a different look on how to make a website or show a collection. When I finished my product I was pretty happy with the result.

For the class Proof of Concept we had to make a documentation what we did as a group. Instead of making an actual document we decided to make a website with a video where we talked about the product we made and why we made choices based on research and experience.

While I was a Delta student I worked on a project called Lumo. It was a light you can stick under a glass for the hospitality industry. With these glasses you can form groups and play games. I made a first design for the website for the product. I also designed the Logo of Lumo together with a fellow Delta student. For Lumo we won the second price of the ICTalent Awards.

This is the product we discussed during the Proof of Concept video. It's a tool to check your school schedules in an organized and clean way without having to do alot of different steps if you try it the wat the school made it. We also had to make an SEO strategy for this website.

  • Eerste website fontys
  • Madqee
  • Trustedchoice
  • Regelroos
  • Brand Your Band
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Who am I?

Quinten van Wagenberg
Born on 15 - 05 - 1987
Study at Fontys Hogeschool ICT & Media Design
Big fan of Series, English books and his cat Hobbes
Currently I boulder each week with my friends at Monk which will result in outdoor trips exploring the unexplored.

What can I do?

Adobe Suite -> PS, AI, DW, PR, ID
Programming -> HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, PHP, Arduino, Processing, MAX
Concepting, Out of the box thinking, Visualising, Brainstorming, Convincing, Explaining, Understanding and Thinking in general

Curriculum Vitae


Contact Information

Email : quintenvw@gmail.com